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The prestigious marina of Sotogrande © Michelle Chaplow
The prestigious marina of Sotogrande, luxury homes with moorings ( Click to enlarge photo )

Sotogrande Marina

Sotogrande Marina is in two sections. The original 1987 Marina is often called Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande.  It consists of five apartment blocks with restaurants and shops at street level. In between the blocks are patios and gardens and water features. Ideal for al fresco dining on the terraces. The patios are not named but the blocks are numbered A to E. The Club Maritimo building with the Club Maritimo Hotel is next to Block E.  There is normally quay side parking in the Marina area. If this is full on popular summer weekends use the free open air parking by the entrance security cabins or the free underground under the Ribiera del Marlin.   

The newer Sotogrande Marina is called Ribiera del Marlin.  It is here where the Sunday Market takes place and other summer evening market happenings. There is a sizeable free public car park under the Ribiera del Marlin   As part of the 'Blue Sotogrande' development there are also the residential blocks Ribiera del Arbispo, Ribiera del Guami, Ribera del Harlequin.

The road Avenida de la Marina, runs right around the back of the marina zone and connects it with the bridge over the river Guadiaro to the Sotogrande Costa estate and to the Sotogrande Beach Apartment Area.

The names of the marina apartment blocks on the left hand side when driving from the Marina along Avenida de la Marina are Ribiera de la Necora, Ribiera de la Ribiera de la Dragoncillo, Ribiera de la Corvo, Isla de la Vela, Ribiera de la Romana, Isla Tortuga, Alboira, Isla de Pez Barbero, Ribiera de la Golondrina, Ribiera del Pez Luna, Isla Carey,   Guadalmarina 2, Jingla del Loro.  Next is the Yacht club with car park and café.  On the river Guadiaro (right hand) side of Avenida de la Marina are Ribiera del Rio, Ribiera del Paraiso, and Ribiera de la Tenco.

The continuation around the marina is along Paseo del Rio and the newer developments block on the marina side are called, Ribiera del Emprador, Ribiera del Delfin, Isla del Pez Volador, Ribiera de Candíl, Ribiera de Arquero.   The original 'beach apartment blocks' in this location are numbered from one to ten. Overlooking the river Guadiaro are the two Casas del Rio blocks.  Here is also the Beach Café and the Octogano Beach Club,   



In the summer there is a free boat taxi service across the Marina. From the dock adjacent to beach café to the dock opposite Ké bar.  Traditionally operating summer 11.30 to 15.00 and 16.00 to 19.00 hrs  Mon to Sat.


Marina Info

Latitude: 36* 17'24"N - Longitude: 5*16'10"W - VHF: CH9 & 16

Harbour Entrance width: 80m depth: 5m

548 Moorings, 8-50m deep



The Sotogrande Marina is in keeping with the luxury feel of the surrounding area. This is a world class marina with all the amenities you might expect. In additions showers and sauna facilities for those mooring at the port, there is a gymnasium, a marine supply store and a heliport. Webcam service is also available.


There is an established 'Club Maritimo' (sailing club) and opportunity to charter a sailboat, yacht or other vessel. Jet ski rental services are also available. 






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