Specialist Properties - New Developments

Andalucía is always under construction with new property developments springing up in every category. Homes in these new "urbanizaciones", as they are called in Spanish, are up for sale before the ink has dried on the plans, and from then on, it's first come, first serve.

The earlier in the building stages that you become involved in the purchase of a new home, the more economical your investment will be. Therefore, if you can afford to wait, this can be an ideal way to make an investment that will almost surely earn you money. In fact, there are those that invest in apartments and villas from plans strictly for the purpose of re-selling the completed product and making a profit.

Slight risks can be involved in making a purchase of this nature. However, with the mandatory insurance now required of builders - under Spanish law - any investor taking the necessary precautions should be able to feel quite secure. To learn more about the process of buying from plans, click here.