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ANDALUCIA.COM IS RANKED 4th IN THE TOP MOST VISITED GEO (GEOGRAPHICAL) DOMAIN WEBSITES IN THE WORLD - the website which offers comprehensive and up-to-date information about Andalucia to tourists and residents, in both English and Spanish - is now the fourth-most popular geographical domain name website in the world. Interestingly enough, Spain holds four of the top fifteen positions, with at number 4, at number 7, at number 14 and at number 15.

According to Alexa, the website traffic measuring company, is ranked the 28.155th most popular website in the world. 's traffic is certified by Alexa and can be reviewed.

Geographical name websites in the Alexa rankings are:

  1. 107
  2. 1,023
  3. 24,123
  4. 28,155
  5. 31,572
  6. 36,572
  7. 40.794
  8. 41,153
  9. 67,791
  10. 77,329
  11. 87,001
  12. 111,333
  13. 143,081
  14. 197,474
  15. 210,508

(Figures correct as of 14th April 2017)

21 YEARS OF PROVIDING THE BEST INFORMATION ON ANDALUCIA was created in 1996 by Chris Chaplow. The first site on the internet about Andalucia, it has upheld its mission to offer clear, concise, well-presented information about the region for tourists, foreign residents (expats), and the international investment market. The site has grown to about 10,000 pages and now receives over 400,000 visits every month, so is the ideal place for businesses in Andalucia to promote their products and services.

Asked why has been so successful

“ is a unique website. No other commercial destination website in the world has concentrated so strongly on providing quality, reliable information for the benefit of the region and its visitors and residents. We are proud to be a highly authoritative guide, collated by a dedicated team of first-class journalists, photographers and internet professionals – all our team have either lived and worked here in Andalucia for some years, or are natives of the region - and to have encouraged so many tourists to visit this beautiful region of Spain,” says Founder and Managing Director Chris Chaplow.