Living in Andalucía - Health Insurance

Health Insurance 

Advances in medicine, longer life expectancy, overburdened state health services and the rapidly rising cost of healthcare, mean that more and more people are turning to private health insurance.

Indeed if you are applying for residency in Spain and do not come from a EU Country, then you will need to have private health insurance in place.

There is a wide variety of options available in Spain, to suit all lifestyles & budgets, and underwritten by leading International Insurers. Policies in Spain fall into two main categories;

In exchange for an agreed premium, an Insurer provides the client with an extensive network of doctors, specialists, medical centres and hospitals throughout Spain - the client simply visits one of the Centres, shows their membership card, and the centre will invoice the Insurer directly avoiding the need for the client to part with any money.

  1. Clients also have access to the above mentioned network of doctors etc in Spain, but are also free to use a doctor, specialist etc of their own free choice both in Spain and anywhere in the world - upon presentation of the invoice the client gets reimbursed for up to 90% of the cost.
  2. Whilst the state health care and hospital system in Spain is one of the best in Europe, most people prefer the peace of mind, ease and speed of access as well as the overall "patient experience" which private health insurance offers.

Health Insurance policies do not normally cover pre-existing conditions, so you should be wary of switching health insurance provider if you have previous medical history.